The Process


Judy offers a free 30 minute telephone consultation to assist real estate professionals in determining how her services can assist them.


She has been professionally trained on powerful and sophisticated online secure and password protected transaction management software. She will set up your transaction in the web based system, and each party to the transaction (buyers, sellers, lender, title company, co-op agent, etc.) is allowed to view the parts of the transaction you designate to all relevant details in a secure web based environment. This keeps everyone on the same page, maintains a transaction schedule, and helps keep the number of mistakes and miscommunications at a minimum. Digital signing services are also available keeping the latest versions of all documents in one place.


Once the customized system is set up, if you desire, Judy will take the time to show you how you, your clients, and the other parties to the transaction access the system through a password protected website. The parties can log into the system at any time or Judy will be available by email or phone so you can stay on top of the entire transaction. This way you can feel confident that everything is moving smoothly.


When you open a new transaction with Judy she immediately inputs all data and documents into the system, notifies all parties that you designate that the system is operational, keeps things on schedule, and handles transactions specifics. A detailed log of the entire transaction, including all documents, emails, notes, and tasks lists with completion dates will be provided.

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